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Wordless Wednesday: Dentist Edition


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Blazer 4/25

Math: reading & ordering decimal numbers through ten-thousandths, using percent to name part of a group, schedules and multiplying decimal numbers.

Grammar: FLL 3 and WWE 3.

Art: continued working on rhythm in art.



History: studied Mohammed II and the fall of Constantinople. Finished reading The Beggars Bible.

Literature: started reading Leeplike Ridge.

Bible: read about the temple work resuming under Haggai and Zechariah.

Latin: Sentence patterns.



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Book a Week: Week 55: A Room with a View


From Amazon: A chance encounter… a murder in the Piazza Signoria … an impulsive kiss…and Lucy Honeychurch’s world is forever changed. Torn between settling for a life of acceptable convention or the calling of her true passion, Lucy epitomizes the struggle for individuality and the power and passion of love. A Room with a View is certainly E.M Forster’s most romantic novel, though it also questions the repressed sexuality and closed conventions of the Edwardian society. Set in Italy and England, Forster pivots the easy flowing passion of the Italian culture against the constrictions of late nineteenth century English society and has created a novel of great depth, charm and enchantment that has endured for over a century.

My Thoughts: Eh. I wasn’t incredibly excited about this book. I enjoyed that it was another easy read, but wasn’t blown away by it. I would have loved a stronger female character or at the very least a good villain. All the characters seemed so mediocre it was hard to really care about any of them.

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Physics Friday: Week 28

Studied magnetism and electricity. We made some more snap circuit models. This week I need to install the software so we can start playing with our circuits with the computer!

We also read How Ben Franklin Stole Lightening. This was our favorite book so far!


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Racer 1/24

Math: writing money amounts using signs and symbols, measuring height in feet and inches, and adding two-digit numbers with a sum greater than 100.

Grammar: FLL 1.

Art: We skipped art this week with co-op and instead played outside in the beautiful 67 degree weather!

Geography: learned about Australia.

Bible: continued reading through the New Testament.

Biology: learned about the brain this week. We made a brain hat, a nerve necklace (Blazer made his into a bracelet) and then made brain cookies.

The kids all pretended to be zombies as they ate the brain cookies.

The kids all pretended to be zombies as they ate the brain cookies.

Blazer was *so* thrilled to be my model!

Blazer was *so* thrilled to be my model!

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Wordless Wednesday: TV Station Tour Edition

Racer went on a tour of the local tv station with his scout troop.







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Blazer 4/24

Math: volume, rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and symmetry.

Grammar: continued FLL 3 & WWE 3.

Art: worked on rhythm.

Eating at a table.

Eating at a table.



History: learned about John Wycliffe and John Huss. Finished reading Joan of Arc: Warrior Saint. Started reading The Beggar’s Bible. 

Literature: finished reading The Hobbit. We made a story chart together at the end. Blazer thought the moral of the story was “Going out of your comfort zone can lead to great treasures. Sometimes in actual wealth and sometimes in growth as a person.”

Bible: read how the Jews returned under Zerubbabel and the Temple restoration began.

Latin: first- and second-declension adjectives.

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Book a Week: Week 54: O Pioneers!


From Amazon: Alexandra Bergson’s father, John, is dying. He entrusts his farmstead on a desolate stretch of plain to her, rather than to her brothers. Faced with the rigors of frontier living, droughts, and penury, Alexandra only becomes more determined to carry on her father’s legacy and battles through remortgaging the farm and adopting new techniques. Fast forward 16 years, her hard work has paid off, her brothers Lou and Oscar have both created prosperous farms, and under Alexandra’s management the original farm has thrived. When childhood friend Carl Linstrum returns from traveling it appears that romance is on the cards, but Lou and Oscar drive him out of town, fearing that their sister’s marriage would disinherit their own children. The community begins to unravel as jealousy spills out into murder. Although born in Virginia, Willa Cather’s family moved to Nebraska and her writing reflects her upbringing in the prairie lands steeped in history.

My Thoughts: This was a really easy read as far as classics go. I was able to finish the book in 2 days! I really enjoyed the not-overly-descript-but-still-descript writing style. I did think a few times that I didn’t see anything in the book that would really qualify it as a “classic”. I enjoyed the strong female character who was maternal, nurturing and smarter than most of the men around her, which isn’t often seen.

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Physics Friday: Week 27

Read DK Eyewitness: Electricity and Charged Up: The Story of Electricity. Also made some snap circuit models and lit a florescent light bulb using only a balloon!

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Racer 1/23

Math: writing number sentences to show equal groups, covering designs with tangram pieces, writing numbers in expanded form and doubles plus one subtraction facts.

Grammar: FLL 1.

Art: worked on circles in co-op.

Racer's various circles.

Racer’s various circles.

Miss C's various circles.

Miss C’s various circles.

Reading: finished the first half of HOP 1st grade and started reading the Detective Dog chapter books!

Geography: learned the countries in Asia.

Biology: learned about animal senses like echolocation, infrared and electric. Made a shark cupcake and a cheat sheet for magnified parts of the body.



Bible: continued reading through the New Testament.

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